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Resources* will be added as the year progresses. If you wanted specific information added to this page, please email.

* I am not endorsing any agency

If you are interested in long-term counseling, play therapy, etc., please email or call me, and I can give you a list of references**. 

**this list is being provided as a courtesy and the user should understand that no assurances or guarantees regarding the providers on the list are being made.  This list is not inclusive of all community agencies, services or organizations that nor it is an endorsement of any services provided.  The omission of any agency, service or organization from this list does not imply disapproval.  It is the responsibility of the user of this list to determine whether any of the content is of value to them and whether or not the agency, service or organization meets their specific needs. Be advised to check references and interview professionals to make a decision that is best.  Be advised to  discontinue services if there is something troubling or ineffective about the counseling/therapy provided.

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